Keeping Your Trees Healthy
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Keeping Your Trees Healthy

When I first bought a new house, I realized that the front trees were a little overgrown. I was worried about a branch breaking in the wind and smashing into a window or the roof, and so I decided to invest in professional tree service. When the arborist came, he had more concerns than just a few overgrown branches. Apparently, a few of my trees had also developed serious pest infestations, and I was worried about what it might mean for their health. He carefully trimmed each tree to ward off disease, and within a few weeks, they were looking a lot better. This blog explains how a professional tree trimmer could help you, so that you aren't left with dying trees.


Keeping Your Trees Healthy

  • 3 Tips For Taking Care Of Mature Trees

    15 April 2018

    If you have mature trees on your property, you might want to do what you can to keep them looking good and thriving. If you do not have much experience with taking care of trees, however, you might not really know what to do. These are a few tips that can help. 1. Put Mulch Around Your Trees You might have noticed that a lot of people have mulch around their trees, but you might have always assumed that people did this for aesthetic reasons.

  • 2 Surefire Signs Your Sycamore Tree Is Stressed

    15 March 2018

    Trees add a great deal of appeal and value to your home. However, certain conditions may arise, affecting the look and health of your trees. With heights between 75 and 100 feet, the sycamore tree makes a massive statement in your yard. Unfortunately, improper maintenance can stunt the tree's growth while increasing its risk of disease and death. With this guide, you will learn that signs that your sycamore tree is experiencing enormous stress that needs to be addressed.

  • Tips For Managing Your Yard's Landscaping Trees

    14 December 2017

    Trees growing in your yard provide many benefits to your family and the environment, but can also become a problem for you and your home. Here are some tips to help you manage and maintain your yard's trees. Keep Them Trimmed When your trees become large and are near your home or other structure, it can be helpful to trim the branches back to prevent their causing damage to your home's structure.

  • 3 Landscaping Tips For New Homeowners

    9 August 2017

    You have gone through the exciting and stressful process of buying your first home, you have bought a houseful of furniture, and you have invited all of your friends, family, and new neighbors over for a housewarming party to help celebrate your success and admire your purchase. But now that the exhilarating parts are over, it's time to get down to the realities of being a homeowner-maintenance. Owning a home requires constant upkeep and care, and that includes more than just the house, it also includes the landscaping.

  • Two Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Tree Trimming Service

    31 January 2017

    Trees can add an incredibly beautiful touch to any yard. They provide refreshing shade on hot, summer days and can truly bring a delightful ambiance when the holidays roll around. However, as wonderful as the trees in your yard may be, they can sometimes require quite a bit of upkeep to continue looking good. You may find yourself unable to truly give them the tender loving care that they need. That's why it's so beneficial to hire a professional tree trimming service, such as Osorio Tree Service.